Silver Belen is a pioneer in fashion filmmaking. A self-taught multimedia artist, he picked the saxophone as his first instrument after being exposed to his father's love of jazz growing up. After completing a degree in communications, he left his hometown in the province of Laguna and tried his luck in Manila, landing his first job as an editor for a multi-awarded documentary production house. It was there that he realized that his love for rhythm can be translated into visual form.

He studied the silent films of Charlie Chaplin, admiring the way the filmmaker told storied through movement in the absence of words. Soon after, Silver picked his next instrument: the camera. With tenacity, he started directing for public affairs program in one of the largest TV networks in the Philippines where he met fellow creatives who were looking for other ways to tell stories, leading him to make his first short film Kanluran.

Still, he continued to look for the new medium where his pulse for music perfectly coincided with the moving images. And this he found in fashion filmmaking.