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For the past 10 years, Omar Ermita has built a successful career as a self-taught makeup artist. He first applied makeup to a face while in college, before a performance with his dance troupe. Inspired by his love for his mother’s 1980’s frosted eye shadow palettes, and equipped with a background in sketching, Omar used the principles of shading to create several different looks. This was also the moment he realized the face is not a flat, blank canvass, but one with shapes and contours that should be enhanced instead of erased and reworked. It’s an insight that has never left him and to this day, he is known for polished, classy work where the individual is a more gorgeous yet still recognizable version of the self.

He is also known for his personal touch. He feels his job is not simply to apply makeup, but to bring out each woman’s inner glow. It’s about giving them that extra confidence through his work. He believes that the rapport that is built in that tight space between his hand and a woman’s face gives him a feel of whom she is, and from there he can adjust her makeup to her personality. At other times, he feels that makeup is a fantasy. It can give a sweet girl the look and feel of a vixen, and she can imbibe that character for one evening. 


Omar is currently a Makeup Associate with MAC Cosmetics Philippines

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