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Cats Del Rosario is a Manila-based hair artist who actually stumbled upon her profession. After working in the field of Interior Design and training and working as a professional makeup artist, a willingness to grow and learn from the experts she was exposed to led her to hair styling. She soon discovered a natural gift for understanding and working with hair.

She continues to hone her craft in the field, and through self-study. And as is the case with most self-taught, natural creative talents, she is fueled by a constant drive to learn and improve with each new project, and is never satisfied until things are as they should be. As such, the qualities of the continuous student have built in her the character of the consummate professional.

As Cats talks about her work with hair one gets the feeling that she is letting us in on a secret. “When I work with someone,” she shares almost as if she’s in a zone, “I study the hair—it’s movement, its feeling. How it flows. From there I can see it. I can imagine how the hair is supposed to look, how thing are supposed to go.” Her constant exposure and extensive observation and experimentation have led her to understand the different processes and types of hair. She understands the difference between runway hair, fashion editorial hair, and hair for personal clients. And that the end of the day, her innate knack for what she does gives her the ultimate edge. As they say, you can never teach aesthetics.

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