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One look at Shaira Luna's extensive portfolio is like a step into a colorful, imaginative world. Often dreamy, playful, cinematic, and rarely static, her photographs lean toward daydreams, nostalgia, and storytelling, with a preference for delicate tones and a retro tinge.

A self-taught photographer who has been shooting professionally for almost a decade, she is cheerfully driven by curiosity and the incessant need to create.

Having had no influences nor career aspirations during this beginner's stage, photography was something she simply enjoyed and pursued without setting specific parameters in mind. In the years that followed, she simply took on every opportunity to practice. Shaira started out with music gigs and events, portraits, food photography, and later on wrote and shot for travel & lifestyle publications. She got a real taste of fashion photography in 2010, which she was challenged by, and eventually fostered a love for.

Today, with numerous campaigns, magazine covers, and fashion editorials under her belt, Shaira's very diverse body of published work exhibits her adaptability and dedication. She consistently matches this with an equal amount of personal work - passionately self-produced and self-styled with her vintage treasures and thrift finds.

With this excitable approach to creating, endless ideas, and her sunny disposition, Shaira is one of the most sought-after photographers of her generation.

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