Manila based stylist and current fashion director of Preview Magazine, Daryl Chang graduated with  a degree in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas.

A fortuitous meeting with the CEO of Lee Jeans, led her to change direction and Daryl began her career in the fashion industry primarily as a designer for the denim brand. Her seven-year tenure there immersed her in the many facets of the business of fashion, including brand imagery and strategy, and was where she learned about styling and the stylist's ability to give depth to a brand.

In 2007, Daryl switched from retail to publishing, taking on the position of fashion editor at the now-defunct indie magazine Imagine. She went on to become fashion editor of Preview magazine in 2009 and, since 2011, has been Preview's Fashion Director. 

With a style that can be described as bold, versatile and modern, Daryl fuses her love for high fashion with a distinct street-style sensibility. An interest in subcultures, together with her keen editor's eye, enables her to foresee—and dictate—trends, and to create compelling stories through powerful fashion editorials. 

Aside from her work with the magazine, Daryl also does brand consultancy and/or styles the fashion campaigns and/or runway and in-store shows for local and international brands.