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Charisma Lico is a photographer known for her distinct photography style and star-studded portfolio. She started her interest in photography during her high school years and has honed her craft while undergoing her Advertising Arts course in the University of Santo Tomas.

Charisma began shooting professionally in 2014 while she was doing apprenticeship. She started off shooting for small brands until she met people from advertising who then lead her to shooting more established brands, then soon enough caught the eye of magazines and more clients. During this time, she developed a style that is distinctly feminine and truly hers, the foundation for her work.

She is currently one of Sony's brand ambassadors for cameras. Her work ranges from celebrity portraits, commercial and brand campaigns, to fashion editorials. In her 4 years of professional work, she has collaborated with some of the industry's top creatives with multiple editorials month-after-month.

Charisma is currently one of Manila's most in-demand photographers, commissioning work for top local fashion brands, capturing well-known personalities, and gracing the covers of magazines with her work. Though she may be young, her works speak volumes about her as an artist. And it only speaks of good things, and a potential to do even greater than what she is now.

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