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Andre Chang started as a creative in advertising and retail for six years before he was offered to style for the now defunct fashion magazine, Imagine. His experience with the magazine was the foundation for future magazine editorial work and fashion shoots - both locally and internationally. He is currently a contributing fashion editor for Preview Magazine.

Andre has worked extensively for numerous campaigns and fashion shows for top local and international brands such as Lee Jeans, Jag Jeans, Uniqlo, Folded & Hung, Forever 21, SM Men, SM Youth, the SM Malls, SM Shopmag, and John Robert Powers. He has also done celebrity styling for TV shows.

Leaning towards a postmodern (re-appropriating) aesthetic, Andre fuses avantagarde inspirations with pop culture reference to create bold and arresting visual imagery. Drama and romanticism are also key points in his work.

Andre Chang is currently based in Manila.

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