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A new studio for the ideal creative has just opened.

The ACM Studio is a 150 sq.m Photo and Video studio that can host your need to create.

Divided into two – the Big Studio is at 34 ft. by 27 ft. and the Small Studio at 20 ft. by 27 ft.

The sturdy concrete floors, mixed with the original exposed ceiling and white walls give it a unique industrial look and feel. The ACM Studio offers you amenities: Air Conditioning, Dressing Rooms, Wardrobe racks, Professional Hair and Makeup tables with lights and high chairs, Colored Background Papers and a comfortable Client Lounge. The studio is also equipped with fast and reliable WiFi and a modern furnished interior that sets the mood for your creative endeavor.



WHOLE STUDIO - 54 ft. x 27 ft.

PHOTO - ₱2300 per hour

VIDEO - 2500 per hour

OVERTIME (PHOTO)- 2500 per hour

OVERTIME (VIDEO)- 2700 per hour

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